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We offer both mat and reformer Pilates that primarily focuses on the core, but it also trains the entire body as an integrated whole. It promotes strength and balanced muscle development as well as increased flexibility and range of motion of your joints.

Attention to core support and full body fitness including the breath and the mind, gives a level of integrative fitness that forms a strong foundation for any kind of movement.


Barre fitness is a hybrid workout that combines ballet inspired moves along with yoga, pilates and strength training. High reps and small range movements create long, lean muscles while incorporating classic ballet moves as well as static stretches.

Barre is a fun and inventive way to spice up your sweat sesh and we cant wait to see you there!



Vinyasa  |  Hatha  |  Power Yoga  |  Bro-ga


Yoga when directly translated means “Union”

Which is pretty appropriate as it truly is the union of the mind, body and the spirit.


There are so many forms of yoga, each filled with a number of benefits. In the end the focus of yoga is gaining strength through flexibility as well as gaining discipline of the mind.

It is safe to say that there is a style of yoga that will meet each and every individuals character and interests.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise to reduce stress and anxiety and improve overall wellness.

Hatha is well known for its slower and gentler approach and is where we will encourage our beginner clients to start their journey.

Vinyasa will give you that amazing sweat sesh along side the other added benefits of yoga. With the fast pace and accelerated heart rate, warmer muscles will allow you to reach further and stretch deeper.

Power Yoga, similarly following the Vinyasa style of yoga. However, the poses will be held for longer and you will be challenged by the incorporation of inversions and body weight exercises. 



Yoga For Men


This is our take on bringing together the “bros” who believe yoga is not for them, or that they are too inflexible to give it a go. Allowing the class to accommodate men, hopefully taking away the stigma attached to yoga as well as removing the fear aspect of trying something that is typically done by women.


Bring your bro’s and improve your flexibility, strength, posture and all round well being.

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